SOLD! Rainbow Moonstone Silver Circle necklace


So....How to describe this stunning necklace? First it is so full of rainbow moonstones, bezel set in oxidized sterling silver. There are 23 (!!!!!) slightly irregular shaped gorgeous little gems all along the chain on either side. They have the telltale blue flashing iridescence that is so magical about rainbow moonstones. Then the rest of the chain is made with diamond dusted labradorite gems, wire wrapped in oxidized sterling wire. The pendant piece at the bottom is a sterling silver circle with a larger rainbow moonstone sitting inside. So much magic happening in this piece! It's a full 36" with no clasp in the back. It will slide beautifully around your head and easily work outside a sweater or around the collar of a blouse. And the soft grays and whites and flashes of moonstone make this a piece you can wear all the time! Perfect!

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