Rainbow Moonstone Multiple Drop Necklace


This is a sexy and dramatic necklace design. It looks stunning on everyone! There is a bit of an Art Deco quality to this design. I love the multiple strand hanging from an almost choker chain. The Rainbow Moonstones are the highest quality with loads of blue flashing, it's what makes this design so cool! Every slight movement makes the gems catch the light in different ways. There is always a stone winking at someone! They are all set in oxidized sterling silver. There is a total of 16 beautiful gems here. There are three dangling in the back at the closure. The chain around the neck is made of moonstone gems wire wrapped with sterling silver. The necklace hangs at just about 14" with a couple extra inches at the back with an extension. You will love how this necklace will dress up all your fancy outfit days and your most casual t-shirt and jeans days as well! ;)

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