Boulder Opal Pendant on tanzanite chain


Australian Boulder Opal. Just typing that gives me goosebumps. This particular specimen is spectacular! Mined in Queensland Australia and millions of years in the making, I bring you a wildly flashing indigo and lavender pendant you will love and cherish till the day you die. Boulder Opals are indeed a rare and exquisite thing. I have paired this beauty with a tanzanite gem chain that compliments the colors in the opal perfectly. I can adjust the chain to any length you like but currently it's 32". And just in case powerful stones mean anything to ya, Boulder Opals have a specific meaning. These one of a kind gemstones symbolize serenity, specifically of the soul. Their bending colors reflect the chaotic and mixed emotions we carry as humans. They link your conscious and subconscious representing clear communication and understanding. They are symbols of hope and healing. Well....what more can you ask for? ;)

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