Yikes! Things have been CRAZY!

Sooooo! Feels like I've said this a few times in the past but I'm having so many issues with my Etsy site and my Website (Camille Margaret Designs.com). They used to be linked but now they're not. In any case, if you're seeing this you have somehow found your way to me. I'm getting ready and getting excited for my summer fair schedule to be finalized but hang in there. I have some things to iron out! In the mean time keep checking my online shops and more importantly my instagram site. Which is @thiscouldbeawhile. I post lots of stuff there before they make it to the online shopping world. Miss y'all and I hope you come on out and see me this summer! More soon!

PS. NEW Bracelets btw! Check out the shop!

PSS. Figured out the website problems!! Yay!

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