really cool jewelry

I make jewelry that I spent years looking for in stores and shops and never being able to find. I started collecting gems and jewels, stones and metals and realized that putting them together in magical ways was exactly how I would find what I was looking for. Each piece became a small puzzle or problem to solve. How can I combine these things I adore into the perfect combination of color, design and style to best show off the natural beauty I found in them? Each piece I approach with a new set of variables. Each one is as unique as the person who wears it. They are hip and modern in an Ancient Egyptian Princess sort of way.  I combine oxidized sterling with rainbow moonstone, labradorite, cubic zirconia, sapphire and ruby, yellow topaz, green amethyst, purple amethyst and pink tourmaline...the list is long! My work is subtle and sophisticated. It will make you smolder with mystical energy! It will draw attention from discerning eyes. It will not scream "LOOK AT ME!", but will indeed whisper, "so cool..." And it will make you shine. Read More

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