Carnelian Teardrop on Tourmaline chain necklace


Two favorites here. The carnelian teardrop pendant knocks me out. I love it's caramel whiskey color and the translucent look it has. Such a perfect shade. I also adore how perfect it looks with the tourmaline gem chain. The greens and golds and pinks are so perfect in this chain. They are a match made in heaven! I have included a blue flashy piece of bezel set labradorite to attach the pendant to the chain. All of these colors are precisely the right ones for the cooler winds ahead! But also feel so right with the blue jeans I seem to live in these days... There is an extension chain of tourmaline with a piece of labradorite dangling in back. This necklace sits right smack dab in the middle of your chest at about 20". Give or take with the extension chain.

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