And away we go!

Wow, it's been a minute since I sent anything out about what's been going on here at Camille Margaret Designs. No time like the present so here goes!

I've been hard at work since treasure hunting in Tucson this past February. So many gorgeous new's hard to focus! I must say I think I collected more perfect items than ever before. Not a dud in the bunch. And I went in DEEP on all the things I'm insane over. The labradorite was, as usual, killing me! So it will feature prominantly in my designs! Love it more than EVER!! 

But a strange and beautiful new comer for me is the black rutilated quartz crystal. To be clear, I have seen it tons of times over the years but not like this year. I found the clearest, most sparkly, most intensely rutilated stones I've ever seen. Unlike I had ever seen before...they are thickly needled and full of diamond like sparkle. Kinda spooky and slightly sinister in a dangerous beauty kind of way. And take a moment to google their magical powers. You'll be hooked forever! I got as many as I could find. Which is not nearly enough but I will continue the hunt! 

Now here is the list of my shows this Spring and Summer, Finally!! Please try to get out to one or more of these! You will love what I've been up to! 

May 14/15 Bayshore Art Fest WI (Milwaukee neighborhood!)

May 28/29 Barrington Art Festival, Barrington IL

June 11/12 Brookfield WI (Milwaukee neighborhood!) Arts, Crafts and Drafts (!!)

June 25/26 Deer Park Art Show, Deer Park IL

July 9/10 Whitefish Bay WI (Milwaukee neighborhood!) Whitefish Bay Art Fest

July 23/24 Glencoe IL, Glencoe festival of Art

July 30/31 Glenview IL, Art at the Glen

August 27/28 Highland Park IL, Port Clinton Art Festival

Sept 3/4 Milwaukee WI, The Third Ward Art Festival

Sept 17/18 Fall Bayshore Art Fest WI (Milwaukee neighborhood!)

Sept 24/25 Burr Ridge IL, Burr Ridge Art Fair

It's going to be a great season folks!! Everyone back out and smiling! See you sooooon!!!! 

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