It's That Time!

Well....First I dont't get why all my pictures post through sideways. I am certainly technology challenged, but I'm sure there's a way to fix this, I just can't figure it out. So, these gems look pretty gorgeous sideways, upsidedown, backwards or pretty much any angle! 

A great big thank you to everyone who has come out to see me so far this season. Bayshore, Barrington and Deerfield! What a lot of fun!! Next up is Whitefish Bay in Milwaukee. One of my favorites! It's July 8th and 9th. So if anyone round here feels like a day trip up north, this would be a perfect excuse! And to any of my Milwaukee folks, can't wait to see you again!!! There's a Sobelman's Bloody Mary with my name on it! 

Check out the previous blog post from February for the rest of my fair dates. Hope to see you out there! 

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