OMG! What a weekend!

Yes...last weekend was possibly the worst weather we could have asked for in Glencoe for our Art Walk. But, this is was actually super fun! The folks that came out were determined to find some beautiful pieces of jewelry and I will say I did not disappoint them! So thanks to you all who put up with the high winds and the feezing cold rain. We were dressed for the weather so it wasn't bad. And I'm sorry to say it's the last fair of the year. The indoor holiday exhibits have been canned. So I will make a special effort to get my website beefed up. After the last couple of shows I had to discontinue practically everything I had posted. That's the problem with this one of a kind thing!

I have been hatching a plan however....for very small, socially distant private holiday gatherings to show off some of my treasures for people who want to do some fun holiday shopping. In your home, masked up and carefully curated with people you know in your bubble world. Maybe 6-10 people? Send me a note or email me directly if you have any interest in discussing this idea further. I think it could work out well! And of course there are jewelry presents for the hostess. 

In the mean time Stay healthy, Stay safe and VOTE!! This nightmare is almost over!!!!!  

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